Congrats Mr. Hassan Nasrallah for your gift from an Iranian artist. Please do not hang it on the Beirut airport road as there are already enough portraits

From the Tehran Times, Bambi learned the following: “Iranian artist Mohammad Asadi Jozani has said that his portraits of ten resistance martyrs will be presented to Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon“:

Well, first, may all the dead people of all the world rest in peace, whether their actions were good for humanity or not. Bambi has always said so, not just tonight on this beautiful Christmas eve.

Anyhow, the death of those “ten resistance martyrs” is not the focus of this post.

The topic is rather the beauty of Beirut, from an architectural perspective.

Second, here is the gift in question, if you are curious:

A picture taken from the Tehran Times

Third, Bambi has addressed the issue of such portraits of Iranian leaders (military, religious, or whatever) that we see in Beirut, in an earlier post entitled “Is Mr. Nasrallah, leader of the (Lebanese) Hezbollah, more catholic than the pope?” (see below).

In contrast to Beirut’s legendary charm, the last memory Bambi has from her trip to Beirut last year was actually the view of those portraits. Indeed, this is what she saw last, from the cab window, in her 5-10-minute ride to the airport. Not an aesthetic scene, especially after having driving through the very beautiful parts of Beirut (tragically, a great extent of Beirut’s architectural heritage has been destroyed in the surrealistic port explosion pf August 4, 2020).

Fourth, and related to the above, can Mr. Nasrallah stop making Beirut ugly, please?

Fifth, and whilst we are at it, can he try to remember that the name of his country’s capital is Beirut, not Tehran? Bambi is saying so with all due respect to the Iranian capital and the Iranian people.

Finally, if Mr. Nasrallah would like professional advice from experts in urbanism or architecture, his country is FULL of talented professionals and recent graduates.

Sadly, the entire 4-6 million Lebanese citizens are still held hostage by his fellow corrupt politicians/Governor of Lebanon’s central bank, and… of course, by his own toxic loyalty to a foreign country/ideology OVER Lebanon’s best interests.

To conclude this post on a less sarcastic note, Bambi wonders if the Lebanese people be one day able to have access again to their bank savings (if the latter still exist following the crash of October 17, 2019?).

Will the families of the victims of the Beirut port blast as well as all the citizens heavily devastated see a resemblance of justice by at least knowing the truth of what led to this tragedy?

Will justice be also served, with quick and serious investigations, of the mysterious recent assassinations, including the one of a young dad whose family has a Canada immigration visa?

Many questions and not a single answer yet… So, at least whilst still awaiting public answers, please give your fellow citizens a break from additional Iranian portraits.

Thank you, Mr. Hassan Nasrallah.


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