November 22, 2020: Lebanon’s Independence Day… without a new government

Today is the Lebanese Independence Day.

A day filled with mixed emotions. From patriotic love to pride, from sadness to hope… and back to love of a country that is struggling to exist, even if it is there to stay, rise, and shine again!

Independence from whom? From what?

How can we be truly independent of regional forces some have aligned Lebanon with to a suffocating extent?

How can we be truly independent when we have so many crises to deal with?

How can we really be independent when we have a government morally and financially corrupt… and bankrupt?

How can we be independent when our loyalty is more to an ideology than to our country?

Ironically, Independence Day # 77 seems to be about the independence of the Lebanese population from its disconnected mafia-like government…. whilst awaiting the true independence from the internal militia forces controlling it?

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