“Cancer” of “systemic racism” “ingrained in several systems in NB”: Did Minister Arlene Dunn speak in her own name or is this where our government is heading?

Here is the CBC article that told us about the words of the Honourable Ms. Dunn:


Why is she using these buzz words, regardless of her plan or response to the request for a public inquiry?

Why is she doing this to her province and country?

Why can’t she have her own mind and not repeat the latest slogans of our world?

By the way, why is she minimizing cancer as as potentially fatal chronic health condition?

As a proud New Brunswicker and as an old immigrant of 30-years who lived in three different Canadian provinces, her choice of words is a turn off for Bambi and it will be to many of the potential newcomers to our beautiful province.

People from birth countries filled with deadly or silly ideologies are allergic to the “systemic” collective stupidity of our times.

MANY of them, traditionally Liberal voters, moved from those parties that endorse political correctness to that extent. They just want to preserve both their sanity and their beautiful new country.

They want to work hard and earn a living.

They want to be/remain as free as possible.

They do not want to be at the mercy of the control of systemic silly ideologies.

Yes, racism exists and it will always exist. Yes, we need to address and prevent it.

However, to tell Bambi that all our systems are “ingrained” with “systemic racism“, she does not buy it, sorry.

She has been involved in several of our systems and she has not observed any cancer (only the cancer of political correctness or collective insanity of our times).

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