Mr. Biden’s election is SAD news, not for Trump or America, but for Lebanon

Iran’s President is already calling for Biden to return to Iran nuclear deal:

If the Iranian regime wants to go back to that deal, what does this tell us about it?

Is this good for any hope for peace in the region, both short- and long-term?

Is this good news for Lebanon (i.e., strengthening Iran and, thus, Hezbollah’s influence over it)?

Is this good for the innocent Iranian people in the longer term (i.e., one day seeing a change of their awful regime)?

The truth of the matter, whether we are allergic to Mr. Trump’s personality or not, Lebanon had imminent hope to be saved from the hell it is FAST diving into.

For example, the USA tried to do something for the corruption in Lebanon (and Syria).

Recently, the USA helped Lebanon in the process of negotiating its Maritime borders with Israel, opening the way for gas production. This is like a miracle by itself. Thank you Mr. Trump’s administration as this can bring much needed prosperity (of course assuming it won’t be stolen by the political corrupt elite).

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Biden will be lucid enough in order not to reverse all what his predecessor’s administration did. Not everything was bad, even if it was signed by Mr. Trump.

Yes, he is a big mouth, a vulgar man, a narcissist, and much more! Yet, if Bambi rises above all this, she sees that many of his policies/positions (or rather their effects) made more sense than his awful personality and what the intellectual elites of our world and the media want us to believe.

With all due respect to Mr. Biden (she will leave out Ms. Harris, as this is a different story for a different post), if only to save what is left of her birth country, had Bambi been American, she would have voted for the populist Mr. Trump (perhaps she would have voted differently with other candidates at the other governance levels).

Why is Bambi saying so? Because she is personally fed up of hearing all those who say the good yet empty words in life or blindly follow all the globalized trends without much thought. She is thinking here of our own Mr. Trudeau (et al.). Mr. Biden may be a more powerful or a smarter version of our own Mr. Trudeau (same for Mr. Obama, mind you).

Mr. Trump is a bad boy and a bad loser. However, at least, in his own bad way and with his own family clientelism and pandering to Israel or rather to Christian Evangelicals, he worked for his own country (Canada economically suffered from this). He truly put America first and genuinely wanted to make it great again.

Will Mr. Biden do so concretely and not just in beautiful words? Time will tell. Congratulations to him and best wishes to his administration!

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