Is the Scottish cabinet secretary for Justice’s bill on “hate speech” totalitarian?

The answer to this question lies in a thoughtful article by Dr. Mathieu-Bock Côté published today in the Journal de Montréal, and entitled “Scotland and the thought police” [“L’Écosse et la police de la pensée”]:

Below is quick translation for you:

let’s keep an eye on Scottish news. Because at the rate that ideas are circulating today, especially the worst ones, the strange debate Scotland is going through at the moment should worry us.


Humza Yousaf is the Scottish Minister for Justice. And he has embarked on a fight against “hate speech” by proposing a very ambitious bill, the “Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill”.

We know that any criticism of progressive ideology has the potential to fall into the category of hate speech. Nothing is more free today than accusations of racism, sexism, Islamophobia or transphobia.

With this in mind, Humza Yousaf intends to control private conversations in homes.

His theory?

Why should what is forbidden in the gallery, restaurant or pub be allowed in a private home?

Shouldn’t virtue reign everywhere? The new inquisition, to be effective, must it not enter homes? The home is no longer sacred.

Humza Yousaf thus intends to create the conditions for a generalized denunciation of private conversations which could offend the sensibilities of groups deemed to be minority by the dominant ideology.

Don’t you reproduce the orthodoxy of the regime in your private conversations? We can denounce you.


Be afraid of your guests who might misreport your words if they misunderstand, distort, or dislike them.

Fear your children socialized in a school system which pushes to see microaggressions everywhere.

In the name of the fight against hatred, we will even come to hunt down ulterior motives. It is already being done in the corporate world, through the famous implicit association tests that claim to detect your unconscious prejudices.

All of this is reminiscent of East Germany and the Stasi. I do not think I am exaggerating in saying that. The fight against “hate speech” is the new mask of totalitarianism.”

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