Mr. Joseph Facal: “Justin Trudeau, hate maker” [“Justin Trudeau, fabricant de haine”]

Bambi will spare you her long blahblahblah and quickly share the following thoughtful article by Mr. Joseph Facal about Mr. Justin Trudeau, published today in the Journal de Montréal:

Before she does so, she will just allow herself to cite a sarcastic yet brilliant relative who has always said the following: “The only group we are allowed to hate in Canada is French-Canadians“. She always used to reply something like: “Come on, aren’t you exaggerating a little bit here? However, in all honesty and VERY sadly, she is now starting to agree with this statement.

Now, in your own turn, if you think she is exaggerating, just tour the mainstream media titles, no need to read the whole articles of all newspapers. You can spare your time since all the titles are the exact same ones (is this normal, by the way?). Try also to listen to Mr.Trudeau, especially in French and particularly whilst campaigning, or read about the consequences of his politics and you can perhaps see what she is talking about.

Even odd racial (and racist) ideologies of so-called “whiteness” dilute French-Canadians by amalgamating them with English-Canadians, totally ignoring their history, culture, and… genes :).


“There was a time when the “social sciences” were serious. Hard to believe, eh?

This was before it became hijacked by ideologists.

At that time, a key concept in sociology was that of “perverse effects”: it refers to the negative outcome of what initially seems good intention.

In short, when you examine a policy or a politician, you have to look at the concrete consequences and not the beautiful speech.


Take Justin Trudeau, our world champion for anti-racism and tolerance.

In fact, this man fabricates hatred.

I’ll give you three examples.

This week, the Superior Court begins examining the challenge to Bill 21 on secularism.

Look at the list of the 18 parties who are challenging the law.

Along with Ichrak Nourel Hak, the National Council of Canadian Muslims, the World Sikh Organization, a bunch of English-speaking groups, we find … the federal government and its endless resources.

All of these people, supported by Justin Trudeau, oppose a law democratically voted by elected officials in Québec and supported by a strong majority here.

Trudeau passes secularism as a vector of xenophobia, segregation, Islamophobia.

And are we surprised that Québecers are tense?

Trudeau manufactures hatred.

Ottawa just announced its target of 1.2 million immigrants over the next three years.

Next year’s 401,000 immigrants would be a historic record.

If the Legault government let this happen, we would have 91,000 immigrants in Québec next year whilst we are not be able to integrate 50,000.

As René Lévesque wrote in 1970, when a spade was called a spade:

We created an Immigration Ministry. The other in Ottawa, for whom we are paying, has the right to continue to drown us, it is it who has the power. But we have one in Québec to record the drowning“.

Trudeau often looks foolish, but he works actively, fiercely, conscientiously against French Québec.

And are we surprised that Québecers are tense?

Trudeau manufactures hatred.

Take the latest attacks in France.

Trudeau kneels for eight minutes to mark the death of George Floyd, but doesn’t even dare to say the word “Islamist”.

He does not dare defend a teacher’s freedom to teach difficult subjects.

He shoots Muslims who refuse to be silent and who, risking their lives, denounce the harm that Allah’s madmen do to their community, in the back.

As Maka Kotto wrote, “Islamists know who to vote for in Canada”.


See his justification for the limits on free speech that one does not shout “Fire!” in a cinema… as if this cry were an opinion.

I understand how tempting it is to laugh at a man who says such stupid things.

But we must, as I said at the very beginning, look at the concrete consequences of his positions.

When a country is ruled by an irresponsible blaster, how can we be surprised that so many Québecers are tense up?

Yes, this man, who calls himself for virtue, is a maker of hatred”.

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