Islamists, hands off Austria… and Europe!

At least one dead person and 15 injured…

When will this senseless violence stop?!!

Well said, Mr. Macron (in German and French) and Mr. Blanchet!

Are Islamists reading? Will they listen?

Mr. Trudeau, how does your example of screaming fire fire in a movie theatre apply here? Do you see now that it was irrelevant?

Of course, as a sensitive human being and a devoted dad, you do not like to see innocent people suffering.

So, please name the elephant in the big room of Europe and be firm with Islamists.

Islamists do not understand the language of kindness. They perceive it as weakness. Please be courageous and unite with Mr. Macron in his fight for our security and freedom.

Merci/Thank you for re-considering your position!

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