Good-bye Professor [«Adieu, Monsieur le professeur»]: What a moving song as a tribute for Mr. Samuel Paty!

What a beautiful tribute to Mr. Samuel Paty…

If you do not understand French and if you wish, you can read the sub-titles in English (video from the French edition of Star Academy #4):

Adieu monsieur le professeur” is a 1968 beautiful French song recorded by Mr. Hugues Aufray. The music was composed by the trio: Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Vline Buggy and this singer.

Bambi has posted on this barbaric tragedy earlier (see further below).

Of course, after the emotional farewell to Mr. Paty, it will be time for courageous political actions.

According to Bambi’s non-expert citizen’s opinion, only such actions (as quick reactions) would give a clear message to Islamist forces that there is no room for fundamentalism and obscurantism in France.

Indeed, clearly courageous actions would help: (1) prevent future similar tragedies; (2) defend French values (of “Liberty, equality, fraternity“, which are meant to protect all citizens, including its Muslims); & (3) hopefully eventually win this war because the Damocles sword is hanging over France’s head…

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