Ms. Karol Sakr’s new song, “Khalass” (“ enough” in Arabic), is about domestic violence

Bambi just discovered this song whilst working, thanks to her Mount Lebanon internet radio station in LA. She googled it and found the clip, with English sub-titles!

Khalass” is a beautiful Arabic word, which means “enough!”

Bambi finds this term (and title) beautiful because it is empowering just by itself.

It clearly shows someone who is fed up and implies that the person will not take it anymore (decision… and hopefully eventually a plan to act on).

What Bambi likes about this term is that it implicitly contains or refers to another word, “Khaalas” (accent on the “a” whereas Khalass has the accent on the “s”). The latter means “salvation” (“le salut” in French).

Our self-empowerment (all the implications behind the “enough”/enough is enough”) is actually what will lead us to our salvation.

Thank you Ms. Dolly El Khabbaz (for the lyrics and production), Ms. Karol Sakr (for the performance) et al. Well done.

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