Why is Israel selling weapons to Azerbajian and fuelling war with Armenia?!


How sad. How unfair. How disgusting.

Maybe they have been thinking about the threat from Iran? This is why they have been arming Azerbajian over the years?

Maybe because they get their oil from Azerbajian. So they do business of weapons with them in exchange? Does that make any sense?

The sad and frustrating irony is that Israel seems to be doing to Armenia what it complains about from other countries in the region. Why the hypocritical double-standard, Israel?

Both France and Canada must first start by condemning what is being done to Armenia by its neighbour with support from Turkey and its “neo-Sultan” (sending fighters). It would be a good start.

Then, they could pressure Israel to come to its senses, especially that is has had a relatively good relationship with Armenia. It also has even a better one with Russia.

Enough of armed conflicts. Enough of death. Enough of suffering.

JUST stop it ALL of you!

One thought on “Why is Israel selling weapons to Azerbajian and fuelling war with Armenia?!”

  1. Very Sad Bambi !!!
    I hate politics !!!. The world need to be smarter than this !!
    Can’t we only live in PEACE !!!

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