Two-year-old Isaac Oehler lost his life in the Beirut blast. Thanks to his parents for courageously sharing his story

Almost 200 innocent individuals died in the Beirut surrealistic blast. Among them, little Isaac Oehlers, the youngest victim of the surrealistic blast that also injured 6500+ people.

Why and for what did the 2-year-old Isaac lose his life?

Same for Lexou or Alexandra (4 year-old)?

Why did other kids lose their eyes?

Why did others lose their parents in front of their innocent eyes?

Why did some others see their parents losing their own eyes?

Where is the international investigation?

Will all these victims ever have answers to their questions?    

Today marks two months after the surrealistic explosion (yes, it occurred on August 4, 2020).

Bambi decided to write this post, after touring the international and local media about Beirut before going to sleep.

This is how she came across a moving ABC interview with Isaac’s parents (Ms. Sarah Copeland and Mr. Craig Oehler). “After much consideration”, they decided to share their son’s cruel story.

In this post, Bambi would like to take the time to pause and honour the memory of little Isaac. Her heart goes to his parents. She sends them her virtual condolences, In her heart, she shares their pain. She is particularly sad to know that their son died where she was born.  

Beirut citizens will always remember Isaac. They have honoured him lately at a concert, with the other victims. They also remembered him on the port site, as you can see below. Isaac was also mentioned at the Paris concert by a Lebanese-Australian TV personality.

Below, you can watch the ABC interview, if you wish.

Following it, you can see tweets from Isaac’s mom, along with his beautiful smile.

Much love to Isaac’s mom and dad… and thanks to all those who tried to save his life.

2 thoughts on “Two-year-old Isaac Oehler lost his life in the Beirut blast. Thanks to his parents for courageously sharing his story”

  1. Very sad indeed the loss of Isaac??? we will never forget and will never ever forgive all what the criminals of our country did and are still doing to us?. May God helps Isaac’s parents ??.
    Yesterday the 4th Of October, a man from the family Nawfal passed away after 2 months in the coma?

    1. Bambi is very sad to hear about Mr. Nawfal who died after 2 months in the coma :(. May he rest in peace. May his family find comfort and healing after the incredibly long ordeal!

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