Thanks to the “National”, Bambi is finally able to introduce you to her new love: Beirut’s pelican!

Ovi & Mr. Bazzi, two regular customers of Abou Mounir café/restaurant in Beirut (Lebanon)

If you recall, Bambi showed you pictures of this pelican, called Ovi she now learned (see the end of this post, as a reminder).

Below, you can watch a short video featuring him with his good friend Mr. Al Aoud, the café/restaurant’s owner.

The video above, subtitled in English, comes from The National ( It was impossible to embed it within this post but at least Bambi was able to retrieve it :)!

Ovi is a daily customer of “Abou Mounir restaurant” on the “Corniche” of Beirut, facing the beautiful Mediterranean sea. As a reminder, he has been rescued by fishermen and is taken care of by Mr. Al Aoud. The latter calls him beautiful names like “Beautiful” “Good boy“. He speaks to him in English, French, and Arabic.

Bambi likes how one customer, Mr. Bazzi, described the situation. As reported in the article above, he quoted a song by famed Syrian-Egyptian singer Farid Al Atrash”, saying “life is beautiful if we understand it”. He added “Life is birds, animals, fish, trees, the sea, and the river. That’s life. And we have to understand it to live…”

To conclude this post, Bambi will share a “secret” (sorry Roula for not keeping it to herself but she is sure you do not mind): Well, this is the first time in life when both sisters are in love with the same adorable pelican :). Ms. Roula Douglas (journalist who re-tweeted the Bloomberg journalist who made the pelican famous) lives near him and Bambi follows his news from far away… She would be happy to know that Roula will meet him in person one day. Who knows? She may decide to take her laptop and go work at that restaurant one of these days (perhaps now, perhaps post-pandemic?).

As Roula wisely said, and Mr. Bazzi would not be surprised to hear, “there is always something moving when we see a sort of ongoing communication between a human being, like the café owner, and any living being from another species, like Ovi. Roula even added that “although quite different, Ovi made her think of Kayla, her dog“. Needless to say that Bambi also adores Kayla, not just Ovi!

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