It is nice of his colleague to defend him, but this Dean should have not apologized as he did not do anything wrong

We learn from a CBC article entitled “Laurentian University professor concerned about ‘cancel culture’ in academia” the following:

“Laurentian University professor in Sudbury, Ont. has signed a petition to have her colleague reinstated after what she calls ‘a clumsy and badly written’ Tweet.

In June, David Lesbarrères used the hashtag #ALLLIVESMATTERS in a tweet.”

It is VERY nice of his colleague to defend him. Bravo to her.

However, in Bambi’s non-expert citizen’s opinion, we should NEVER ever apologize to the mob.

Dr. Lesbarrères did not do anything wrong. His words were not “clumsy” or “badly written” in Twitter. Actually, Bambi agrees with him: All lives matter indeed! She would say the same for Lebanon, for Canada, for the US, for the whole world… If we think otherwise, we are actually being the narrow-minded ones, even if our intentions may be noble, wanting justice to one particular group.

It is the totalitarian mob that should perhaps be apologizing for silencing people who think differently, instead of showing tolerance and common sense.

This story reminds Bambi of an earlier post about a similar saga. She will end this post with it, asking the following question: When will this insanity stop?






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