Had you been a “black” entrepreneur, wouldn’t you be insulted by the creation of a new race-based government program, like Bambi?

Who said that Canadian entrepreneurs who happen to be “black” are treated unfairly by our banks?

If that was the horrible case, where are the data backing such a statement?

If the data exist, where is the correction with which our government could have addressed such systemic problem?

Why is our government creating race-based programs instead (https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/trudeau-announces-cash-for-loans-support-to-black-canadian-entrepreneurs-1.5097852)? And is this a wise strategy?

Plus, why are our authorities dividing us based on our skin colours?

Well, what if we get tanned over the summer (like many deer of Lebanese origins or Canadians, darker than the average)? Would we qualify ??

Seriously, Bambi does not know if she should smile or cry. Indeed, the “duo” Trudeau/Freeland et al. may think they are being highly noble and fair. However, in Bambi’s mind, they are being unwise rather. She is saying this from her non-expert citizen perspective and with all due respect.

Bambi does not know how you would personally feel about all this or if you care to think about it. As far as she is concerned and had she been black, she would have found it insulting to have a funding program meant only for entrepreneurs (i.e., just because they are black business owners). In the same way, she would find it insulting to have a research funding program meant only for Arabs or so-called “White” people or just deer, etc. They will get that loan or this grant, not because of anything else, usually based on merit. No, it is just based on their so-called race.  

What if you are a Canadian of Palestinian origins who happened to be black? What if you are like this school mate of hers who was black like an African and yet Lebanese. What if a business is made of several people of different shapes and shades?

Despite the good intentions, such a program gives the following message: In Canada, so-called black entrepreneurs should be treated differently because they would have not been able to make it otherwise. So, we take them by the hand, like little infants.

What happened to the concept of merit? Is this what entrepreneurs truly want? Isn’t this contrary to the spirit of entrepreneurship even, that is to attempt to make profits, by initiative and risk and by competition with all others?

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