Immigrants have a responsibility of integration toward their host society. Why don’t we acknowledge it?

When people immigrate, they dream of finding a different place, on average better than their birth countries.

Of course, a host country must be prepared to welcome them. However, they do have the responsibility to adjust to their new environment, instead of changing the environment to suit them.

Adjustment to a new country is a learning process. It takes time and effort.

Life is a give and take. You give up some ways of doing things. You learn new ways. You learn possibly a new language, etc.   

All the latest fashionable publications, mainly in the mainstream media and even academia, exclude this responsibility. Instead, they are all about showing us how oppressive we are as a society to the “victimized” so-called people of colour or darker people (i.e., black), etc.

Bambi feels like saying: Enough is enough. Can we please have more refined thought again?

To illustrate her point, Bambi would like to share with you the following articles, just an example.

Some articles tell us that we must de-colonize our bookshelf, to be anti-racist:

Others tells us that we must de-colonize our practices as therapists. Look at this funny article entitled “The Budding Field of Climate-Aware Therapy Must Be Decolonized To Serve BIPOC Communities” (by the way, can someone tell Bambi what the latter means. She only knows that BIPOC is supposed to include a deer like her, since it stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. Well, Bambi loves freedom. How can she see herself reduced to this fancy acronym then? She refuses it ?):

Other articles tell us that we should de-colonize our self-care journey:

Yet others, published in the Globe & Mail, hints that lawn is racist ?. So, it is time to de-colonize it, it asks?

Bambi is sparing you all the other articles she regularly comes across. She will just share the ones below on de-colonizing our school curriculum or businesses. Imagine, we learned today that even a mosque is calling for support for BLM:

To conclude this post, what a terribly racist country we are… So terrible that MANY people throughout the world still dream of immigrating to Canada!

Our current federal government is into this fashionable ideology, at least in the discourse or symbolism (our PM even took the knee, as they say). Yet, the Government of Canada seems attached to its policy of massive immigration (perhaps our open borders are now more limited by the pandemic?), even if most Canadians prefer lower numbers:

Thus, the question that comes to Bambi’s mind at the end of this post is the following: If we are that bad as a country, why are we still welcoming that many newcomers? Shouldn’t we do some internal clean-up first? Just asking ?.

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