Why can’t Mr. Nasrallah shut up until wounds heal and all funerals take place?

To vent their mixed feelings of anger and sorrow following tragic events like the Beirut explosions or other, people can resort to different strategies. They can scream. They can cry. Some remain silent or pray. Others can go for a walk or perhaps write.

Well, today Bambi decided to express her feelings by writing to Mr. Nasrallah, leader of the Hizbollah. Below you can find some of her sarcastic comments, as a reply to Nasrallah’s own speech. Bambi’s replies are in bold. Mr. Nasrallah’s comments are taken from an article published in Naharnet yesterday (see further below).

Please keep in mind that she is sharing her thoughts with you, without any filter (Mr. Trump’s style!). This being said, before officially starting the post, Bambi would like to show Mr. Nasrallah two recent re-tweets by journalist Roula Douglas, based in Beirut. At the end of this post, she will share with him (and you) more moving pictures taken from the same source, from l’Orient Le Jour, and/or from An Nahar.

Nasrallah: Hizbullah is not confused or in a crisis and along with our allies we are the strongest in the region.

Bambi does not care about your confusion or crisis. She does not care about your muscle show off.  Indeed, Bambi ONLY cares about her family and about all the other families’ sufferings. Same for the whole planet watching Beirut news or rushing to help its citizens. Everyone is sad for Beirut and we are concerned about Lebanon.

Nasrallah: There was a state of anger among our supporters over the past days and we sought to control the situation, because clearly some were trying to incite strife. We tell our supporters to keep this anger, because we might need it one day to put an end to all the attempts to drag Lebanon into civil war.

What do you mean we sought to “control the situation”? By taking a whole community and an entire country hostage? By oppressing people?

No one is dragging Lebanon into civil war as much as your weapons. The latter are scaring innocent citizens and destroying Lebanon.

Just to refresh your memory, Mr. Nasrallah, people are sick and tired of the political elite. They want a change to the political system. They want an end to corruption and impunity. They want peace. They want to live.

Nasrallah: The coronavirus situation in Lebanon has spiraled out of control.

You are a public health expert now? Please let the medical experts talk. Your expertise is rather terror.

Nasrallah: As Lebanese, we should be aware that some will try to exploit the rulings and we should show awareness.

Here, you are absolutely right… and of course, this includes yourself and your allies in the region.

Nasrallah: We cling to the innocence of our brothers should unjust verdicts be issued against them.

How surprising (this is a sarcastic comment, obviously). You are positioning these folks as victims and the International tribunal’s verdicts as being unfair.

Nasrallah: We’re not concerned with the STL’s rulings.

If you are not, why are you bringing this up then?

Nasrallah: We demand the formation of a strong, capable and politically protected cabinet and talk of a neutral government is a waste of time.

Please shut up Mr. Nasrallah. Everyone is sick and tired of you. Not just human beings, even animals like Bambi.

Nasrallah: It was not those who toppled the government. The government was toppled by a host of circumstances and difficulties. In fact, a blast of such magnitude would have made it difficult for any government to continue.

Here, you have a point indeed. However, only an international probe can uncover the truth and can end impunity.

Nasrallah said Lebanese political forces had sought in the past days to “topple the state and put Lebanon on the brink of civil war to serve personal and foreign interests.”

Stop lying Mr. Nasrallah. Nobody takes you seriously… Even 3-year-old kids like Lexou (or Alexandra) who died in the Beirut explosions (whether accidental or not).

Nasrallah: We witnessed an attempt to topple the state in the very first hours after the blast. Political forces and media outlets exploited people’s pain to target not only Hizbullah, but also President Aoun.

“Kiloun yiwen kiloun” is the clever slogan of Lebanese people’s revolt. As you know, this means: ALL of them means all of them. President Aoun is one of them (so are his relatives). No one should be above the law in a democratic country, Mr. Nasrallah. Stated differently, Mr. Aoun should resign… and you should shut up.  

Nasrallah: Hizbullah cannot remain silent over a crime of such magnitude if Israel is behind it and it will pay the price.

Lebanon’s external tragedy is its harsh neighborhood or neighbours. Lebanon’s internal tragedy is your organization and your warrior’s mindset. People just want to live in peace. They love life. They do not want to die.

Nasrallah: If the investigation determines that Israel is involved, the Lebanese state and people should have a say in the issue.

Are you talking about that internal investigation that you control, directly or indirectly (via your allies, including the clan of President Aoun mentioned above) in what is left of the so-called Lebanese state?

Please have the decency of not including people here… especially that people want an international (independent and transparent) investigation. They signed petitions, demanding this.

Nasrallah: We do not trust any international investigation.

Sure, you are scared of the truth.

Nasrallah: An FBI investigation would absolve Israel of any responsibility.

Mr. Nasrallah, what are you afraid of precisely? You have a history of accusing Israel every time you have something to hide. People do not care neither of you nor of Israel. People are fed up of BOTH you and IsraelYou the first now because you are Lebanon’s internal problem, along with corruption. Financial and moral corruptions going hand in hand.

Nasrallah: We are not the ones conducting the investigations.

Ha!ha!ha! No need to. You control the President, the judge, the whole judicial system, and… of course, any hypocritical report at the end of the process.

Nasrallah: The investigation should be continued and answers should be offered to the Lebanese people.

Here you are stating the obvious. You sound ridiculous, Mr. Nasrallah.

Nasrallah: National security inside the country is the state’s responsibility.

Ha! Ha! Ha! For a long time, you have hidden behind the poor Lebanese state. The emperor has no clothes. The whole planet is seeing your ugly nakedness.

Nasrallah: Until now, nothing proves that there was an airstrike through a warplane or a drone.


Nasrallah: Hizbullah is awaiting the results of the investigation.

Are we talking about this same investigation orchestrated and controlled by you (or those who sold their souls to the devil)?

Nasrallah: Hizbullah does not have an account of events about the Beirut port blast.


Nasrallah has slammed the UAE move as “treason.”

This is between the UAE and Israel. None of your business. Stop using the Palestinians. Stop using people. Just stop!

Nasrallah: We have not been surprised by the move of some of the UAE’s rulers.

No comment. Bambi does not care about your feelings (of surprise).

Nasrallah: The decision to respond to the Israeli strike (in Syria) is still on the table and the issue is a matter of time.

Stop wars. Stop violence. Stop revenge. Stop. Just stop.

People are fed up of wars. People want to live, not die.


Nasrallah: Israel’s mobilization on the border is part of our punishment.

We do not care about all this violence. We care about peace. We care about love. We care about Lebanon, contrary to you.

Nasrallah: From the very first day, our choice was to respond to Israel’s airstrike in Syria.

We do not care. We are grieving. Give us a break, Mr. Nasrallah.

Nasrallah: Until further notice, and as long as no alternative has been presented, the resistance will remain our choice.

Your so-called “resistance” is the “Ponzi scheme” (fraud) of morality and security. ONLY the Lebanese Army should be defending the country. If you meant to tell us that you will not disarm, why don’t you say it more clearly? If you are threatening people with a regional war, why don’t you say it clearly?

Nasrallah: To us, the resistance is an existential matter.

For the people of Lebanon, you/your group are an existential threat.

Nasrallah: Claims that Hizbullah is practising hegemony over the Lebanese political life are lies and they know this.

Ha! Ha! Ha! It is not because you are saying it as a truth that it is the truth.

Nasrallah: They want to get rid of this strength.

Lebanese people want to live in peace and security.  

Nasrallah: Their problem with us is the strength of the resistance.

Please change your method of so-called “resistance”. How about using a pencil, a policy, an argument instead of terror?

Nasrallah: Only the balance of deterrence and the army-people-resistance equation are protecting Lebanon at the moment.

SHUT up, Mr. Nasrallah. Leave the Army alone. Leave the people alone! Let the army resist as needed, it is their job. Not yours.

Nasrallah: The balance of deterrence is getting stronger day after day.

Your irrelevance as well.

Nasrallah: The balance of deterrence established during the 2006 war protects Lebanon.

You and Israel destroyed Lebanon in 2006… Shame on both of you.

Nasrallah: The U.S. is now trying to bolster a scared Israel.

No comment.

Nasrallah: Resilience and resistance in Lebanon toppled that scheme.

Resilience: Mmm, a psychologist now, Mr. Nasrallah?

Resistance: See Bambi’s earlier comments. Then, please shut up.

Nasrallah: The capture of the two (Israeli) soldiers expedited the timing (of the U.S. scheme).

Yes, by dragging Lebanon into a deadly war. Very clever. Very noble.

Nasrallah: That war thwarted the U.S. administration’s New Middle East scheme.

What else can we expect from a guy leading an organization whose motto is “Death to America” (just like Iran, what a coincidence!)?

Nasrallah: The July War had historic results at all levels.

What’s wrong, Mr. Nasrallah? You used to say “divine”. Now, it is “historic”. Is there any hope of logic and common sense here?

How can you keep using a language of wars and destruction, without ANY respect for people’s trauma and grief generated by the Beirut port blasts?

Nasrallah: The July (2006) confrontation was a real war… The Zionist enemy imposed it on Lebanon following a U.S. decision.

Are you lying again, Mr. Nasrallah? Your group kidnapped and killed two of their soldiers. This is what sparked this deadly war. Anyhow, Israel or Hizbollah… Chicken or egg? Does it really make any difference to the innocent people who were taken hostage between you and Israel? Your stupid conflict (by proxy, maybe the Iranian-American conflict taking place in Lebanon?) killed about 1300 Lebanese people and 165 Israelis, in addition to destroying Lebanon’s civil infrastructures, displacing about 1 million Lebanese, and perhaps 300,000 or 500,000 Israelis.  

In sum, shame on you Mr. Nasrallah. Stop taking Lebanese people hostage of your loyalty to Iran and your related ideology. Just STOP. Why don’t you put Lebanon first for once, especially after the latest surrealistic tragedy?

A screenshot from Naharnet, published on August 14, 2020
Some of the 17 victims of the Saint George Hospital in Beirut
Anger of the Lebanese people who protested following the explosions in Beirut. A picture taken from local Lebanese Media (unknown source)
These three men are related (same family). The picture, taken from Naharnet, reads “Heroes”…. They went to extinguish the fire at the Beirut port.
A picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour. This woman lost her son in the Beirut explosions. If Bambi recalls well, he was one of the firefighters…. Another fallen hero.
This picture was taken from l’Orient Le Jour.
This picture was taken from l’Orient Le Jour. Bambi’s brother-in-law was badly injured in this neighborhood. Thank Goodness, he survived and is recovering well.
This picture was taken from An Nahar. Amazingly, this lady fell from the balcony and…. survived.
Mr. Ali Sawan was not as lucky as the lady above… His body was recovered yesterday from his car that fell in the Mediterranean sea. May he rest in peace. May his family and friends find peace in their hearts, with every passing day and night. Thank you journalist Roula Douglas for sharing the news and for your thoughtfulness.
A moving picture…. Best wishes in searching for this missing port worker.
A picture taken from An Nahar.
A picture taken from An Nahar.

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