August 15: Two songs to Acadia and one to Beirut

Today is August 15th, the assumption of Mary (mother of Jesus).

It is also the National Acadian Day! As they say around here, “Bonne quinzou“.

Well, there is a joyful Acadian song that Bambi likes. It is entitled “Tous les acadiens et les acadiennes” (originally by Mr. Michel Fuguain). She would like to dedicate it, along with the “Ave Maris Stella”, to each Acadian or each citizen of Acadian ancestry, whether fully or partly, closely or remotely (including her own family members).  

On this August 15, 2020, may the kind Mary comfort all those affected by the Beirut’s explosions.

Below, you can listen to a famous French song called “Beyrouth” (Beirut in French). Thanks to Mr. Enrico Macias for his immortal song! The video features beautiful pictures of Beirut (pre-explosions). Bambi posted this song earlier, on July 13, 2020. Today, she would like to dedicate it to Beirut. Christiane, thanks for re-sharing it last week. May your broken heart embrace healing, following your multiple losses. Much love to you!

Finally, on a lighter note, Bambi would like to wish her friend Fadi a Happy Birthday (despite the sorrow, from abroad)! Fadi is like a brother to Bambi. They grew up together. He used to volunteer with her in the Lebanese Red Cross and at the destroyed Saint George Hospital, near her parents’ place. Bambi and her family left Lebanon before him (just four months before the end of the civil war). Well, Fadi is a funny guy. During each of Bambi’s visits to Beirut and in Montreal, he used to tease her (especially on her birthdays), saying that she will always remain 17-year-old in his mind. Why? Because that was her age when she left Lebanon. Isn’t this funny, especially over three decades later?

Of course, what happened in Beirut last week is MUCH larger than civil war. However, once again, many people would want to try to immigrate now. This déjà vu reminds Bambi of the large wave of people who left Lebanon in the 1990s (perhaps also in 2006?). In her CEGEP only (college in Québec’s education system), she recalls how she bumped into several friends from Beirut whom she did not know that they survived like her. Of course, that was before the internet era, which makes Bambi a dinosaur, not just a deer!

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