Her name is Sophia…

Sophia was just 4-day-old on August 4, 2020, when the Beirut port explosion took place. She is the youngest injured citizen, as you can see in the moving picture at the end of this post.

Can you imagine the ordeal of Sophia’s mom? She was just in her 4th day postpartum when the nightmare happened. This is a time when new mothers need support, not catastrophes.

Can you imagine the pain/fear of Sophia’s dad?

What about her relatives who just celebrated her birth? Now they are worried about her life.

Why should Lebanon’s infants and children still have to go through injuries caused by adults?

Why should these adults once again destroy their beautiful capital?

Why should Beirutis keep suffering from one generation to the other? They went through hell and lost everything in less than 15 seconds… not even 15 years like during civil war.

Even Sisyphus cannot take it anymore, especially without hope for a (real!) change.

We heard today of more resignations of MPs and Ministers (Environment, Justice, Information, etc.). It seems that even the relatively new PM resigned. Will all this make any difference in reality? Hopefully, even if everyone knows who is in charge behind the scenes and… “ALL of them means all of them” (slogan of the people’s revolt against systemic corruption).

Of course, time will tell. However, Bambi is somehow skeptical… Yet, she wants to keep dreaming of a healthy change of the political system, true democracy, peace, prosperity…. and of love!

What’s next for Lebanon? The days ahead may be critical, unless the status quo remains the strongest, despite people’s amazing efforts to challenge it since October 17, 2019.

Bambi is praying for you baby Sophia… (picture shared by journalist Roula Douglas)

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