Are we still in a free country?

First, we learned from this CBC article that “B.C. RCMP officer” was “suspended over racially offensive content posted on Facebook”:

It is unclear if he was suspended or resigned first but the bottom line is the following question: Why can’t any citizen, including a police officer (who even used another name), express an opinion on social media?

Quickly, Bambi was curious to know what was this so-called “racially offensive content”.

Did he insult any citizen who was of Asian origins? Or was that citizen Arab? Muslim? Jewish? Black? Native? Or someone from his own group, whichever the latter?

No, not at all. So, really nothing done whilst on the job.

All what he did was to express an opinion or circulate a video on his Facebook page.

A video showing a black citizen (perhaps even an American?) “criticizing the Black Live Matters movement” (BLM), “police conduct” considered “too soft,” and “some of the government’s COVID-19 safety guidelines”.

Without watching the video, Bambi would not be surprised if it was perhaps one stating the following: some demonstrations are not considered to be at risk of transmitting the covid-19 virus (i.e. the socially acceptable ones, of course) whereas others are more heavily portrayed in the media as a public danger (i.e., the socially non-acceptable ones).

Anyhow, guess what? Just for this, this police officer got suspended from his position.

Does that make any sense?

Are we in an African dictatorship? In Iran, Saudi Arabia, or China?

Or are we still in North America?

Why can’t he say “All lives matter” anymore (ALL includes black, no?)?

He is a police officer, for God’s sake, isn’t he supposed to treat all citizens equally? Plus, isn’t it normal not to want to endorse a radical movement that is calling for the abolishment of his own employer ??

Second, related to the above movement, here is another person (this time a business owner) in a different province (Saskatchewan) who was boycotted for a post on Facebook against BLM, according to Global News. Again, is this reasonable? Is this democratic?

Third, we learned that Montreal’s Saint Catherine’s street is now painted with BLM’ slogan in both languages, “joining a global movement”. Is this a good thing necessarily? What about those “black” citizens who do not endorse this radical movement, like in the first CBC article above? If so, their perspective does not matter? In other terms, does their opinion matter only when it fits the current trendy, so-called “globalist” ideology, endorsed by Mayor Valérie Plante?

To come back to the suspended RCMP officer, the so-called offended woman behind this saga pretends to be too “afraid” (to the point of not wanting to disclose her identity). Who knows? She may not even be “black” herself. Perhaps just “too illuminated” to the point of forgetting that her own opinion is not necessarily shared by all.

Why is the RCMP throwing its own employees under the bus like that?

As a society, why are we allowing ourselves to boycott private businesses who are not necessarily fond of the BLM movement?

Last but not least, since when having a different opinion implies racism?

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