Best wishes Mr. Blanchet: Please do not let apparently false and anonymous allegations of sexual assault ruin your political career

Mr. Blanchet, Bloc Québécois leader

From this Montreal Gazette article, we learn the following:

Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet “unequivocally denies” allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in the late 1990s.”

“Blanchet released a statement early Wednesday, hours after the claims surfaced in a Facebook post. The post alleges Blanchet brought a woman into the bathroom of a nightclub, offered her cocaine and groped and kissed her, despite her repeatedly asking him to stop.

In his statement, Blanchet said the woman should file a police complaint if her allegations are serious and said he believes in justice for the “real victims” of sexual assault.

The woman who wrote the post is remaining anonymous for fear of online harassment. She told the Montreal Gazette it’s a memory that has haunted her for years and that she “put it in a box” until recently…

For those who do not know yet, Québec has been “hit” by a second (or third?) wave of “Me too” allegations. Some famous artists have been dumped by their managers, following accusations made on social media platforms (e.g., the talented Kevin Parent whom Bambi enjoys listening to and many others, including a woman, etc.). We do not know what is true or not about these stories. We just know that those artists ended up apologizing in public and the so-called victims did not use the justice system channels in their allegations, just social media.

One cannot help not to wonder, why are they using social media without resorting to the justice system?

Anyhow, sadly, one story seems to strike us as true, and of course, TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. It is the story of Mary-Mai, a famous singer in Canada and in the world. Her horrible story happened when she was 17 (drug in a drink and assault). She seems to have “forgiven”, with the years, but she felt the need to publicly share her story. Bambi’s heart goes to her.

To come back to Mr. Blanchet, he did so well by having a thought for the “real victims”. Thank you for that. This is what upsets Bambi actually: When we use SUCH serious CRIMINAL allegations as a political (or professional) career weapon, by an anonymous accuser! We attempt (and often succeed) to publicly “kill” the receiver (i.e., reputation, credibility, lifetime career, etc.). Plus, one must say that the timing of all this is just so convenient to those who would benefit, isn’t it?  

What happened to the so-called “innocent until proven guilty”? Now, it is guilty by default, especially if you are a man of a certain group.

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