Which one is it Mr. Trudeau? “Systemic racism” OR a proud walk with our RCMP?

Isn’t it contradictory when Mr. Trudeau informs us that his cabinet will retreat to discuss “concrete actions to fight racism” and his statement is posted on a webpage with a banner image of him walking with RCMP men/women in red surge whom he accuses of “systemic racism”?


A pictures taken from the Canadian government’s website (cited above)

Another contradiction (if they matter anymore) is when he took the knee at an anti-police parade in Ottawa whilst being surrounded by police officers protecting him?

Here is yet another contradiction: According to the latest electoral campaign of our prime minister, which took place in October 2019 (website updated in 2020: https://www2.liberal.ca/our-platform/, “Canada is one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world – a place where people can be themselves, find comfort in community, and build better lives for themselves and their families”.

One cannot help but to wonder what went wrong under Mr. Trudeau’s leadership for us to fall down from the status of “one of the most welcoming countries” in the world to one where “systemic racism” is omnipresent ??

Mr. Trudeau has lately accused all our institutions of “systemic racism”, including the RCMP:



Does Mr. Trudeau know what he is getting us into by: (1) endorsing fashionable ideologies and (2) blindly linking them to his father’s policy of “multiculturalism”, without even re-visiting the latter to see what is still good about it or what could be re-considered?

At the speed of the direction Canada seems to be heading to, one can wonder whether our government would eventually come up with a new tax to help fight racism?? The latter may sound like a silly joke to you. However, Bambi would not be surprised if this could happen one day. She bets that English Canadians may swallow it, as they did with the carbon tax. If they choke on such a new tax, they could be accused of racism. Who knows? JOKE again ?.

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