“This is not my story”, a 3-minute short film by Ms. Maria De Lourdes Haddad

Bambi would like to thank her sister Rania for sharing this moving short film.

She has watched it twice, crying each time. Thank you Ms. De Lourdes Haddad.

From this film about Lebanon, Bambi understands a lesson that would apply to each beautiful country of the world and its political class (including us in Canada): Do NOT take your country for granted. Love it, respect it, serve it, preserve it (i.e., its beauty, unity, security, freedom, peace, collective heritage, public assets and peoples’ private savings, etc.). In other terms, despite all the good intentions, please make sure you do not fall into the trap of Lebanonizing your country: Learn to avoid corruption as well as external forces of destruction… But, perhaps more importantly, say no to self-destruction!

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