Why are they putting jokes in the same basket as lynching?

Why are these Hollywood stars self-flagellating like that, even if they may be well-meaning?

Why the dramatic virtue signalling? What is its educational purpose?

Plus, since when lynching or torture is equivalent to a joke?

Perhaps they should focus on their professional career only… They are MUCH more talented with it.

Most importantly, this would help improve the society through movies to educate people about respect, tolerance, and peace in life.

They can perhaps show us some productions about themes like humanity, unity, respect, and love.

They can also complete projects to simply entertain people in a pandemic.

Artistic entertainment makes everyone relax, forgetting about “systemic racism”, the coronavirus, and economic hardship.

Entertainment makes people dream of a better world, with beautiful values, human encounters, touch, travels, normalcy, etc.

As artists, they are well suited to know that arts can help inspire and lift people up.

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