Why doesn’t Mr. Scheer hold Trudeau accountable on national matters (i.e., taking Canada into a reckless direction)? Instead he is blaming him/his party for something that is NOT his/their fault

The morally corrupt milk drinker

Mr. Trudeau is right on this file, it is not his problem if his MP Mr. Marwan Tabbara is charged with criminal acts (what looks like domestic violence?).

It is neither our PM’s fault nor the Liberal Party of Canada’s fault if one MP has been criminally charged. It is something that Mr. Tabbara is responsible for.

Of course, when we are accused of anything, we may be truly guilty or not.

If he is truly guilty, what he seems to have done is BAD for sure and domestic violence is surely criminal.

If he is wrongly accused (sometimes it happens in life, even to those so-called criminals), this is not good but we may never know the truth.

Lately, there has been a story in the media of a truly racist Canadian woman at a Park in NY. Well, this woman is not just racist lacking any moral standards, she is also sexist. Men can be wrongly accused at times but this we rarely hear about it.

Mr. Tabbara seems to be of Lebanese origins like Bambi but she has never heard of him before in her life.


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