Thank goodness the people of Lebanon still have a sense of humour

Today, Bambi received the following tragicomic joke (see below). She laughed a lot, even if the situation is very sad. It is reassuring to see that the people of Lebanon still have their sense of humour.

Here is a translation of the joke: “Only in Lebanon… From Monday to Friday, a coronavirus lockdown, on Saturday civil war and on Sunday beach & Mishwee grills”.  

To begin with, although not explicitly mentioned in the joke, as a result of its financial/economic crisis, followed by the covid-19 pandemic, there is hyperinflation. Although the Lebanese Lira (or pound) is said to be pegged to American dollar at about 1,500, a US dollar is worth around 4,000 Lebanese Lira. Many people, among those who still have jobs, earn about US$200-250 per month. Can you imagine?!

The joke sadly refers to what happened last Saturday:

To conclude this post on a lighter note, the joke also refers to the following pictures. Mmm, no need for words here!

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