Does Mr. Trudeau realize where his theatre is taking us?

Mr. Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada (+ a couple of his peers, Federal Ministers who behave more like a Council of junior high school students sometimes), participated in an “anti-racist” demonstration in Ottawa this afternoon.

Here is just one of the many media articles about this story, in addition to Mr. Trudeau’s own official Tweeter account:

The picture above, which will surely soon tour the world, speaks volume about the self-righteousness of our political elites.

It is also sadly a prelude to the dark years ahead of us, both as a country and as a world full of radicalism and lack of substance.

Mr. Trudeau is just the symptom of where we are at in Canada today and in our world.

He was at a demonstration organized by radicalized (not just “racialized”) groups. With his presence and theatre, he is encouraging the radicalization of our youth ☹.

Once again, this is no longer about Mr. George Floyd, sadly ☹.

Some forces (unclear whom) have been politically using this tragic story of police lynching to weaken our neighbouring country, Bambi is afraid.

Mr. Trudeau with his theatre of silence, the other day, and posture today is shamelessly encouraging these forces.

At that demonstration, we can hear in the videos circulating in the mainstream media people chanting anti-American (i.e. precisely anti-Trump) slogans. He was there and his presence appeared to endorse.

When he knelt to the ground, was this genuine? Or just another political drama?

Does he realize the meaning of his words, silences, and postures?

Does he realize that whatever forces are trying to destabilize the United States to make it fall, Canada will fall with it (+ the Western world)?

We are doomed if he realizes it and does it on purpose.

We are doomed if he does not realize it.

Mr. Trudeau, during the railway crisis, Bambi posted that, even if she has voted for you the first time (and historically almost always for your party), she thinks that you are perhaps the worst PM of Canada. Well, today, you have proved her wrong.

You are not the worst.

You are rather the WORST.

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