Goodbye/Au revoir Monsieur Daniel Ouellette

A screenshot taken from a video by CTV News

Mr. Daniel Ouellette is sadly our first covid-19 death in the province.

May his family members find the courage to navigate their tough journey of loss and grief:

Mr. Ouellette was “a real joker, a handy man, a good dancer, and a go-to man”, as his son Michel said.

He also seems to have had a good taste in hockey: a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, as per the lovely screenshot picture above.

Bambi cannot help not to think of Henri, her friend Rita’s beloved uncle who lost his battle to covid-19 in Montreal in April (he was also in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease).

Bambi has dedicated a short dance video produced by the famous Caracalla Lebanese dance group during the lockdown to him, as a tribute from his country of birth. The latter also had a tough day with 50 new cases of covid-19 (after just a couple here and there), 42 cases in the same village infected by a repatriated expatriate who did not follow the health authorities’ instructions (quarantined herself for just 7 days only):

Today, if she may, Bambi would like to dedicate the following beautiful hockey moment to Mr. Ouellette. Bambi does not know if his favourite team had won this game. However, she recalls having enjoyed hearing Mme Ginette Reno singing our national anthem. Well, for you Mr. Ouellette, she will imagine that the Canadians had won following this nice singing moment!

May you rest in peace/“Que votre âme repose en paix”.

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