What about a loyalty to Lebanon first, for a change?

According to Naharnet (see the screenshot at the end of this post), Nasrallah said today “The WHO has admitted that the health system in Iran is among the strongest”.

Good for Iran if it is managing its health crisis well despite its sanctions and regional wars by proxy. Bambi is relieved to hear this because she cares for the Iranian people (NOT their government), including her friends still stuck there because of the pandemic.

However, can Mr. Nasrallah explain to the people of Lebanon why he seems to care more about the Iranian healthcare system than about the Lebanese one? And what about the economic tragedy in his own country to which his loyalty should have been in the first place?

Perhaps he is saying all this because deep inside of himself he knows that if Iran takes a hit, his military future would be jeopardized?

Of course, this in addition to his ideological loyalty (religious/ethical, etc.), that sadly seems to be bigger than his concern for his economically agonizing fellow citizens.

Here is a documentary by Euronews, for you Mr. Nasrallah, in which the World Bank is cited by the journalist as estimating that “more than 45% of citizens are now living in poverty, according to the World Bank, and it is estimated this could rise to 75% by the end of the pandemic.”

The above SAD reality is largely because you and your fellow politicians turned Lebanon into a kleptocracy. The latter is a government where corrupt leaders mainly seek personal gain/status at the expense of their governed people.   

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