As Mr. Ezra Levant predicted, along with the bailout money to the media, came the control

Regardless of the opinion expressed, this shocking story is well summarized in the tweet at the end of this post:

Basically, a journalist from the St-John’s Telegram (major daily in Newfoundland & Labrador), Mr. Brian Jones, criticized public sector workers in the covid-19 pandemic, likely “in a column approved by his editors“, to use Mr. Levant’s own words:

Guess what happened two days later? He was fired!

Are these our Canadian values now?

Is this the reality of the Maritimes now?

Are these our liberal values :(?

Where are our politicians of high calibre from the same party in power to denounce this story? Bambi is sure they would have not allowed this to happen.

This new era of more junior politicians (like our PM and the official opposition) is sadly mediocre. Too much into empty words and virtue signalling. Too little into meaningful gestures rising above partisanship. Didn’t Mr. Trudeau himself tell us that he would do politics differently?

Why is this “different” politics influencing free press? Is Canada in the old communist Russia now or is it still in the Western world? Is the latter still a place where journalists can still express diverse opinions?

If our times are stupid for all our society, they are also stupid for our leaders… The latter, although disconnected from their people, come from the society itself after all.

To conclude this post on an ironic yet sad note for us, even in Beirut (Lebanon), people can still criticize the government.

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