Is our Green MLA Megan Mitton more interested in helping “consultants” or local business owners? And why is she prematurely pushing the opening of borders with NS, with a “business bubble” that may not be worth putting our seniors’ health at risk?

Here is the article recently published in the New Wark times:

First, in the link above, we can read that Ms. Mitton is discussing other proposals including grants that “would help small businesses get advice from consultants on how to adapt and recover from COVID-19 restrictions”.

How can such an idea concretely help entrepreneurs and fuel the economy? Who would decide which list of “consultants” would be acceptable?  

Second, is the business we would get between Amherst and Port Elgin/Sackville worth the risk of undoing all the excellent work by our government in this pandemic, namely by acting fast and closing our borders with three neighbours struggling with covid-19 cases (Québec, NS, and Maine)?

With all due respect to our MLA and her party, Bambi trusts Premier Higgs’ more vast expertise with business. More recently, like her fellow New Brunswickers and Canadians, she has also witnessed NB’s good job when it comes to pandemics.

Of course, blunders happen with the implementation of new emergency regulations (i.e., borders). Sadly, we saw an excessive case at the airport last month with a young man coming from Ontario:

We may have also seen some “unclear” stories at our land border. So, thanks to Ms. Mitton for her concern with this regard.

However, all in all, we can only say that NB has been doing an excellent job thus far with the pandemic.

Even if we are a smaller, less populated province, we surely acted faster than the federal government with the borders at the beginning (i.e., the increased cases at the beginning of the pandemic in Montreal has made the latter a hot spot for a while now).  

Finally, if we read Mr. Kelly Alder’s comment on the New Wark Times, we learn from it that sadly his family small business (near Bambi’s place) did not get Ms. Mitton’s support when she was a town councillor (which Bambi remembers from earlier posts).

Back then, Ms. Mitton preferred to favour bigger players at the other exit of Sackville (i.e., the Irvings, Esso, etc.). Now, during the pandemic, she seems to change her colours, asking our federal government not to support big businesses who may be minimizing their taxes.

With all due respect to all political parties and elected people, including Ms. Mitton, Bambi tends to agree with Mr. Alder: It is hard to trust politicians. However, despite the tough nature of politics, we can come across public servants who earn our trust, slowly but surely. They may perhaps demonstrate their logical approach or their congruence, or reliability (even if we may not agree with them at times or even if they make mistakes). One must also add that crises are golden opportunities to sometimes discover the leadership or greatness of some men and women.

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