Which planet does Mr. Nasrallah live on?

The banking sector of Lebanon has been falling apart like a sand castle since October 17, 2019, and with it the country’s whole economy.

Due to capital controls, people cannot have access to their savings that they earned by the sweat of their brow.

People lost their jobs. Others their dreams.

Then came the coronavirus crisis that forced the country to a lockdown for several weeks, forcing businesses to closure.

The whole population got poorer due to the hyperinflation.

The government is bankrupt. No Lebanese aid to people (“Santa” Justin does not exist in Beirut’s parliament).

Despite help from the food banks of charity organizations (in operation again since this week), some families are literally on the brink of starvation.

Lebanese people have a lot of dignity… Many are not used to depending on external help to economically survive, as described in a France 24 news documentary yesterday.

Despite all this reality, what does Mr. Nasrallah, head of the Hezbollah tell Lebanese people today?

As you can see below (taken from Naharnet, a Lebanese daily), he is reassuring them that “we are closer than ever to the liberation of Jerusalem?

Mr. Nasrallah, Bambi has a question for you: Do you think that this is the top priority of your fellow citizens in the middle of their current double tragedies, the financial crisis and the pandemic?

If you reply yes to her, you must go check your eyesight and mental health IMMEDIATELY.

If you reply no, please SHUT UP!

2 thoughts on “Which planet does Mr. Nasrallah live on?”

  1. In Total denial of the catastrophic situation the Lebanese people are
    living !!!!
    Kelloun Ya3neh kelloun

    1. “Kelloun Y3neh (or Yawne)) kelloun” = “All of them means all of them”. This is the slogan of the Lebanese revolt. Maya, Bambi can only agree with you. This is perhaps the wisest slogan in Lebanon ever (at least since its civil war of 1970-1990)… Enough is enough (yes, all of them share the responsibility of the catastrophe).

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