France 24: Lebanon celebrated International Nurses Day and brought back lockdown

In the video below, you can see a group of musicians at a Lebanese hospital, singing to thank the nurses and the latter taking the time to dance.

You can also see a mobile clinic of the Lebanese American University in action, testing citizens in a neighborhood of Beirut.

Finally, this post ends with a moving picture published by the l’Orient Le Jour yesterday, a few hours before the stricter four-day lockdown. It shows two friends hugging each other in the middle of a soccer game (as described by the newspaper in question). Obviously, these boys were too happy to see each other, after a LONG confinement, that they forgot about social distancing… whilst wearing their masks.

These kids’ happiness did not last long, as everyone is back to the lockdown now. Soccer will have to wait…

Published by the l’Orient Le Jour (May 13, 2020)

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