Even Santa checks if kids behaved before distributing gifts

We learned today that the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will pay even if “claimant quit job voluntarily or was fired for cause“:

Isn’t this a bit too much? At one point, we need to start being reasonable, even in a pandemic and even if Mr. Trudeau told us that the clean-up of all the CERB fraud concerns will take place later, “after the fact”:


This is even more worrisome, given that Canada does not have a budget.

Mind you, even Santa has a budget, especially in poorer households or countries.

Mr. Trudeau, without wanting to for sure, you may be perhaps starting to fall into the trap of “Lebanonizing” Canada in the process of assisting us.

As a reminder, Lebanon spent beyond its means for years (in addition to corruption or fraud here and there, for sure)… See what happened in the article further below, as a result.

At one point, Santa’s bag empties.


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