Why are the elite of the world using a tragic pandemic to push dreamy ideas, or virtue signal, likely out of their luxury “prisons”?

About 200 stars, along with other intellectuals, signed an editorial in Le Monde, urging world leader “not to go back to normal“, after the coronavirus pandemic. They wish for a “radical change” of the system against “consumerism“.

They wrote that “the ecological catastrophe is a meta-crisis, because consumerism has lead us to deny life itself: life of plants, of animals, and lives of a large number of human beings. Pollution, global warming, and destruction of natural spaces have lead the world to a breaking point“.

“Thus, they solemnly call for leaders and citizens to extract themselves from the untenable logic that is still prevalent in order to finally work to on a deep overhaul of objectives, of values, and of economies”.

Make no mistake. They are not talking about concrete solutions like encouraging local economies or re-thinking our economic dependence on China (for everything, especially medical equipment and medication!). They are not saying, let’s protect nature and ecology. They are selling cliché ideas but urging world leaders to increase their power on lives further and globally (sort of a global communism) where we can hear the following inner message: Human beings are bad, especially in the West, AND… capitalism is bad.

You can read the news in both English and French below.






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