Rebel News: “Let us report”

As Mr. Levant tweeted today: “Last year, Trudeau banned our reporters from the election debates. So we sued and a court ordered him to let us report. Now, Trudeau bans us from asking questions at his pandemic press scrums. So we’re suing him again”.

Here is his 9-page lawsuit, if you are interested in reading his arguments:

Below you can watch a video posted by Mr. Levant on YouTube.

Bambi is sorry for Mr. Levant because she finds his work clever and informative. This being said, like with any other person (whether a journalist or her spouse ?), she can agree or disagree, depending on the topic or the perspective.

Most importantly, whether it is Mr. Levant or it is someone else, this story is a red flag for democracy. Indeed, we should never take the latter from granted, even in a beautiful country like ours. Believe me, when we originally come from another part of the world that sometimes struggles with democracy (civil war or current turmoil), we are even more concerned…

Why is Mr. Trudeau “silencing” independent and critical voices, like Mr. Levant?

Is Mr. Trudeau afraid to see a reflection of himself in the mirror of a question asked by Mr. Levant or by one of his staff?

Perhaps he does not trust that we, Canadians, can handle the truth, whether in the middle of a pandemic or not?

The truth helps people adjust in life. The truth liberates. The truth empowers. The truth also brings people closer to each other. This means that the truth can bring Mr. Trudeau and us closer in this covid-19 pandemic.

For example, Bambi watched Mr. Trudeau on TV the other day (Tout le Monde en parle). He did an excellent job because he allowed himself to be true.

Bambi hopes he will also allow himself to be fair with Mr. Levant (like with his peers from other media). By doing so, he will be “truly true” and, most importantly, at an equal (closer!) distance with all Canadians.  

To conclude this post, in case Mr. Trudeau’s entourage forgot it, he is supposed to be the PM of Canada. The last time Bambi checked the world’s map, Canada was VERY far from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, etc. Thank God!

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