Mr. Mathieu Bock-Côté: “A silly, silly idea!” [“Une idée stupide, stupide!”]

Bambi just came across a thoughtful article published yesterday in the Journal de Montréal and signed by Mr. Mathieu Bock-Côté. Below is the original article followed by a quick translation:

“As the COVID-19 crisis intensifies and security measures are intended to be ever more ambitious to protect the population, we learned on Wednesday that Ottawa will once again authorize the crossing of the Canadian border by “irregular migrants”

Certainly, they will no longer go through Roxham Road, but through Lacolle. But they will pass. We are geographically moving the problem by pretending to better frame it.


This is called laughing at people.

Let’s pay attention to the vocabulary used. The dominant discourse wants to force us to speak of “irregular migrants” and justifies it with superficial legal quibbles. It is a language manipulation.

Rather, if we were not afraid of words, we should speak of illegal or clandestine immigrants, who benefit from the transformation of the right of asylum, by definition exceptional, into a migratory route among others.

The humanitarian rhetoric taken up by activists in a borderless world is in fact aimed at making people feel guilty and demonizing those who simply want to uphold the law and fight its wide-ranging circumvention.

In the context of the pandemic, this explicit opening up to illegal immigration seems irrational.

However, it does not really surprise us. The Canadian government was clearly unable to permanently break out of the ideological parameters of globalism. It claims to be the global promoter.

Spending measures

More broadly, Ottawa is doing as it pleases, by multiplying the measures of mega-spending to place itself at the centre of the crisis and to recover from its early incompetence, even if it means setting up initiatives that contradict the strategy of the provinces in general, and Québec in particular.

Justin Trudeau, himself, is preaching and arrogant.

How can we not see in these pharaonic spending a crude attempt to buy the electorate with increasingly “generous” benefits and transform the crisis into an opportunity to centralize the federation?

Canada, for Québecers, is a crippling and costly burden”.

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