“No Matter What- Keep Your Soul Free With Caracalla Dance Theatre”

Caracalla is a famous Lebanese Dance theatre, that has performed worldwide (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caracalla_Dance_Theatre), “from  the Osaka National Theatre, to the Carnegie Hall, Sadler’s Wells to the Kennedy Centre, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées to the Frankfurt Opera House, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Opera Houses, Centre of the Arts Los Angeles to Places des Arts in Montreal, as well as numerous other festivals and venues…”. More recently, the group even performed in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever… on Valentine’s Day (which was forbidden before!).

Anyhow, below you can find a video from Caracalla to the confined Lebanese people and to the world, with a message of hope. Bambi would like to thank her dad for sharing it with her (je t’aime, papa!).

Sadly, almost at the same time she received this message of hope, she learned about the death of her friend’s uncle due to Covid-19. She would like to dedicate this video to “Henri”, if she may. Rita, please consider it as a sort of a tribute to him from his country of origin (via Bambi). May he rest in peace… May his memory be eternal whilst his soul flies with freedom… just like those dancers in the video.

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