The Armenian genocide happened 105 years ago

105 years ago… An estimated 1.5 million Armenians were massacred (along with other Ottoman genocides, including about 750 000 Assyrians and 950 000 Greeks:

Today, Bambi pauses to highlight this sad day.

She does so with many people around the world, including her friends Nina, Rita, Diana… and acquaintances from Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, and Beirut:

As her close family and friends know, Bambi has a funny childhood nickname (well, it is still used, after all those years, by her sister Roula!). It consists of her real name with “ne” at the end (pronounced “nee”). We can even say it, also with “Bambi”, which becomes “Bambine”. It means: “I am Bambi”. You can add it to your own name and you would be introducing yourself in the beautiful Armenian language.

Anyhow, Bambi got her nickname in honour of her love of the Armenian heritage. She takes this honour so seriously that, a few years ago whilst in Toronto, she ended a professional email with this signature by mistake, instead of her first name. Well, she only realized this when her thoughtful colleague asked if that was her “real” name in her mother tongue ?.

More seriously now, below, you can hear a moving French song that Bambi would like to dedicate to all those who love Armenia. It is by Mr. Patrick Fiori (his mom is of Armenian origins). An English translation of the lyrics follow the video link further below.

May all the nations live in peace and dignity. May justice be served/honoured.

It is a country that I do not know
It’s a soul that I carry
With each of my steps
Tastes, aromas
A ghost country, words, silences
My childhood songs
It has seeped into my veins
As much as my blood
Photos, shadows
Names and numbers
Between Russian and Persian
A taste of planet
So far from my island
Far from my days and yet
I know those mountains
And all the streets of Erevan
I was only in a dream
As the flame is passed
It is a country that I do not know
It’s a soul that I carry
With each of my steps
Traffic lights, games
Farewells, train stations
All our history
In every memory
In our house the brotherhood of exiles
Faithful names: Sevan, Isabelle

Crosses and angels
I don’t know anything about all that
But everything is familiar to me
I know those mountains
I have recorded Mount Aravat
It was just a dream, an image
A distant mirror
It is a country that I do not know
It’s a soul that I carry
With each of my steps
It is a country that I do not know
It’s a soul that I carry
With each of my steps
It’s a past that ties us there
One morning I will go for real
That will be with you
With you”

3 thoughts on “The Armenian genocide happened 105 years ago”

  1. Wow Bambi you made me Speechless.
    One word will express all my feelings and thought “THANK YOU” “SHENORHAGALEM”
    I am sure all the Armenians will be proud,glad,and honored to meet a person like you.
    Thank you for posting and remembering the Armenian genocide !!

    1. “Pari yegar” Diana! Bambi will add: “ես կարոտում եմ քեզ” (hoping she copied pasted the right thing 🙂 :)). Yes, Bambi misses seeing you. She is honoured to read your kind words on her blog. Thank you. Be SAFE please in the pandemic!

      1. Yes Correct !!. “Ես կարոտեցի նաև Բամբիին տեսնելուց” I missed seeing Bambi too :))
        Thank you. you too Stay safe please.

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