Trudeau’s words today: “As of midnight tonight, asymptomatic travellers arriving in Canada must explain credible quarantine plan”. Is this too little too late? Or perhaps serious but still… TOO late?

First, what does “credible” mean?

Second, how will our border agents concretely assess the “credibility of travellers’ quarantine plan”?

Third, what if our travellers do not speak English? Only French and the agents are not perfectly bilingual? Or the opposite, although less probable?

What if some travellers do not speak neither French nor English? Will a translator be present at all airports, with all the staff reduction related to the pandemic?

Will we be screening those travellers finally (e.g. temperature checking? Testing at the airport?)?

Will we be providing them with masks? OR do we have enough masks in the country to distribute to them at airports?

Do we have a concrete plan of coordination with a nearby hotel to quarantine travellers there until their results come back negative (if we will test them?)… OR even just in case “they do not explain credible quarantine plan”, to use Mr. Trudeau’s own words?

How are we going to ensure that asymptomatic (or symptomatic?) travellers are executing their “credible” quarantine plan? Perhaps by coordinating with provincial or territorial’s jurisdictions?

Well, If such key collaboration did not occur when it was absolutely critical (early on!), can we trust that it would it take place now? And, even if it does, will it make any difference at this stage, now that the virus has been spreading in Canada?

In other terms, isn’t it TOO late, Mr. Trudeau?

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