Coronavirus: Canada is not Scotland…

“Coronavirus: Scotland’s chief medical officer resigns after breaking lockdown rules” , as written in the Euronews article below (April 6, 2020):

According to C News (French article), Dr. Catherine Calderwood has been photographed near her cottage (or chalet) with her spouse and kids:

The funny irony here is that, in Canada, we have our PM’s own spouse who posts their family pictures at the cottage (or chalet) on social media :).

Just to be clear, this is a cottage in a different province. Both Ontario and Québec are in a state of emergency (i.e., lock down), if Bambi understands well. So, regular Canadians cannot cross from Ottawa to Gatineau (vice versa?), if it is not for essential business.

Mmm… where are the Canadian citizens and more English-speaking media (surely not CBC :)) to complain, like in Scotland?

Dr. Calderwood had the courage to assume her hypocritical behaviour and listened to the public. She even apologized whilst resigning.

Some of our Canadian media pointed out to other politicians who shared an airplane, on their way home to the Parliament, which seems to “dilute” the PM cottage story, more than anything else. This being said, this post is not about that famous airplane or those other politicians (who knows? it could become the topic of another post :)).

Seriously, to come back to Mr. Trudeau, luckily a couple of journalists, like the two below, as well as a TV show from Québec today (with Mr. Mario Dumont) are chatting about this story.

Please make no mistake, Bambi is not saying that Mr. Trudeau should resign over this… and in the middle of a pandemic on top of that. In her non-expert citizen opinion, perhaps he should have not been re-elected in the first place 🙂 :). More seriously, it is the apathy of the Canadian population that is the contrast here with what happened in Scotland. This is what attracted Bambi’s attention today. Hence this post.

May everyone be safe. May we all be “coviwise”… OK, “covicongruent” too :).

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