English is already a complex language, especially to non-natives, why are we making it more complex to our army?

The article below entitled “Canadian armed forces requires all personnel to stop using gendered pronouns”, shows the new policy:


Based on a recent CAF cultural and normative shift to promote gender diversity and associated inclusiveness, CFPAS [Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System] writing policy and guide will also reflect this new reality where sex, gender identity, and gender expression are prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Forthwith the use of gender pronouns such as quote he/his and she/her unquote are not to be used when drafting pers. [sic.] Members will be referred to by rank and name or by using gender-neutral pronouns such as they/their.”

Three questions come to Bambi’s mind:

First, why?

Second, is this linguistic political correctness the top priority of our army? Bambi thought it would be to defend our beloved country rather. If so, will such practices end up distracting our men and women from their mission of serving their country?

Third, if all the official documents/reports are going to change now, as per the new policy above, how would our government, or Canadian researchers, be able to apply a gender-based analysis to any data generated by the army about its staff? For instance, such gender-based analysis is currently being conducted by our own government to its Covid-19 response (https://www.abbynews.com/news/broader-gender-focus-needed-for-covid-19-response-advocates-say/). It has also been imposed earlier to environmental and impact assessments (https://www.canada.ca/en/impact-assessment-agency/services/policy-guidance/practitioners-guide-impact-assessment-act/gender-based-analysis-plus.html)?

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