Laughter is the best medicine… especially in pandemics

YGRECK (Journal de Québec): The cartoon’s title is: “It is going to be long”. Check Mr. Trudeau’s look… and expression, saying: “Euh… we recognize that… euh… we are working hard… Euh
This YGRECK’s cartoon is entitled “Spending money like water”. Check Mr. Trudeau (wearing PPE, hopefully not made in China to be safe :)), saying: “This is my specialty!” The sign on the machine reads as: “Emergency Covid-19“.

In general, English Canadians seem to want to prove to themselves (OK to the rest of the world too) that they are culturally different from their neighbours, the Americans.

Specifically in this pandemic, Mr. Trudeau’s answers to journalists (e.g. about testing, etc.) always seem to want to show us how much we are better than the Americans. Why can’t we just be good? No need to always compare us to the USA. They are larger and richer. Some things they do are better. We are also better at other things.

For instance, today, Mr. Trudeau said that Canada has tested significantly more folks in total than the USA.

Maybe he meant to say “proportionally more”, rather than “more testing in total”? Could it be?

Anyhow, we learned today that Mr. Trudeau will not be addressing the nation on Sunday and Monday. That was the best news of the day, according to Bambi (no, that was not a joke :)). This being said, she wishes Mr. Trudeau a Happy Easter!

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