Why are our mainstream media not reporting on Canadian airports during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Bambi found the video below on the Internet, published on… April 8, 2020, imagine.

Thanks to Mr. David Menzies, from Rebel News, for keeping us informed on what is happening (or not happening!) on the ground. Is this normal? Is this wise?

Compared to us in Canada, Lebanon has been repatriating its citizens in a more thorough manner. Can you imagine the irony :)?

On the first day, no one tested was infected. Yet everyone had to be quarantined until the results came out. The global results were shared on the government’s Public Health Ministry’s website. On the second day, two travellers were found to be infected, even they did not show high temperatures. Again, all the results were globally shared with the public. The two persons in question will have to stay quarantined at the hotel for 14 days.

If tiny bankrupt Lebanon is doing all this, why aren’t we Canada? And how come no one is double-checking what is happening besides this journalist? Is this normal?

Why is this not news whereas Trudeau’s Lego figurines are? Does that make any sense?

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