“How to stop the panic?” (by Mr. Mike George from Soaring Families)

First, here is the Soaring Families website: https://www.soaringfamilies.com/

Second, below you can find the latest video entitled “How to stop the panic?”

Thank you Mr. Mike George for your generosity. Bambi is honoured and delighted to share your video, hoping it can contribute to inspire and help other worried families.

She is happy Ben is virus-free, thank Goodness.

Cheers to our Dear Ben, to his devoted family, and to his amazing “Team Ben”, to use his dad’s own words (= team of 6 professional caregivers). Be safe and well everyone!

To conclude this post, below the video, you can see two pictures of Ben. Check the one to the right :). Happy and proud moments in Ben’s life. Bravo again :)!

The picture to the right shows Ben on his graduation day (UNB Saint John)!

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