Why are these comments by French medical experts considered racist?

First here, here is the exchange sub-titled in English:

Here are English articles reporting the story:



Here is a French article:


Why are we encouraging people to be that easily triggered?

This can be a dangerous political and public health game.

We are in 2020 and, thankfully, our Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) have strict ethical guidelines, even when expedited during pandemics!

The WHO does not have anything more urgent to do in life than to please African corrupt leaders by playing this game of political correctness?

The words of these French experts have been taken out of context and clearly misunderstood. Perhaps they should have not apologized?

Lebanon has been a French colony. Thankfully, France behaved well there, better than in Algeria, for sure… and, perhaps even in Algeria, French colonial behaviour was better than by other countries (e.g., Belgium) in Africa.

I bet Lebanon would be honoured to be an additional site to this ongoing study in several countries, if the principal investigators think of offering it this opportunity.

Please, let’s get over stupidity for once, at least during a pandemic, to think more scientifically and rationally (not with our tribal emotions).

Let’s look at the amazing work related to COVID-19, to AIDS, or to Ebola. All this great work in Africa has been done by our own great Canadian men and women (e.g., Mr. Stephen Lewis, Dr. Michel Yao, Dr. Joanne Liu, Dr. Jane Phillpott, etc.).

Are these names cited above all racist?

Why would the French experts be racist then? They simply speak their mind in a more direct way. This is the beauty of their culture.

What is this obsession with racism?

Even Bambi was accused of being racist in our town, mind you ?; hence this blog (as per its ABOUT section).

Talking about racism, here is the level of intellectual poverty and culture of victimization we are at in the West today, including Canada ☹:


No further comment about the article above, as it would be a waste of Bambi’s time.


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