Republic of Lebanon’s Public Health Ministry: If this is not efficient, even if not perfect, what is it then?

As you can see below, the testing results of stranded passengers who arrived to Beirut yesterday are all out and the global results are shared with the public (all negative). This applies to airplane passengers from Lagos, Abidjan, etc.

Plus, Lebanon urgently requested quotation for PPE from interested suppliers, with a deadline of 3 days ONLY:

In English:

In Arabic:

Lebanon has lots of issues, from corruption/poverty to regional/domestic instability or… internal matters, like other countries. People who visit Lebanon often joke about its somehow cute (yet functional :)!) chaos.

However, one thing is sure: this place is historically used to crisis management. It seemed to have learned fast how to deal with a Covid-19 pandemic. This does not mean that things may not become a catastrophe like other places (or worse?!). Perhaps the peak of the curve has not been reached yet? Not everyone is respecting the physical distancing measures, although most are (bravo). Most are terrified by the coronavirus. Fear-related stress is good for survival. At the same time, people there find ways to entertain themselves with silly songs about the virus or about them in these times, etc. Of course, they also have public health safety cute songs. Bambi enjoys listening to them on an internet radio, broadcasting from LA, whilst working :). They have even created daily variety shows between folks located in the LA, Dubai, and Beirut, called “Stay at home“.

To conclude this post, Lebanon seems to be working as efficiently as possible in the circumstances. Bravo and… please keep it up!

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