Maybe it would help if Hajdu instructs stranded travellers’ returning home not to kiss/hug at airports before “looking at criminal penalties for travellers who disobey quarantine advice” ? Screening may help too… unless it is already too late?

Here is the CBC article about our Minister of Health’s ideas concerning travellers. It is entitled “Hajdu looking at criminal penalties for travellers who disobey quarantine advice”:

Here is a scene of kissing and hugging at a Canadian airport, precisely between 0.39-0.43 minutes (returning dad with spouse and young kids):

Here are the instructions of Canada for its citizens returning home:

Some Canadian citizens’ cultural habits are into touching and kissing more than other cultures (Bambi knows what she is talking about here ?).

Some travellers may be too taken by happy emotions of being re-connected with their loved ones. At the same time, they could also be too jet-lagged to the point of forgetting about the coronavirus pandemic at their immediate arrival?  

Some people may be more careless or less disciplined than others?

Others may be more rebellious or they could still be in denial.

Some may also tend to put too much trust in God without helping God’s will with their own health behaviours?

Perhaps some travellers need to have public health instructions repeated to them on airplanes or by agents on the ground or… consider monitoring at airports?

To conclude this post on a note of wisdom, about a week ago, Bambi’s dad told his daughter on the phone to be mindful: “Coronavirus is not a joke. It is a pandemic. It requires a new mindset. From now on, please consider EVERY person you meet as carrying the virus AND consider yourself as carrying the virus”. She appreciates her dad’s smart words, which are resonating in her, even if she is not a person at high risk, given her age, health, or risky profession like healthcare providers.

Talking about our healthcare providers, THANKS to all of you. Please be SAFE!

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