Will Lebanon’s self-imposed COVID-19 curfew succeed? Or will the authorities be forced to impose tougher measures like in Jordan and Irak?

This question is based on this MTV report (Arabic content):


Lebanon called the army for help with staging patrols and erecting checkpoints on the roads in order to enforce people’s adherence to the taken measures. Violators will be prosecuted.

Of note, in Jordan, the government is imposing a severe fine, including a one-year-jail term.

To come back to Lebanon, a young child was infected with the coronavirus for the first time today, along with several healthcare providers related to this case, which did not present the usual symptoms of COVID-19. These healthcare providers are now quarantined.

Why do careless citizens insist on moving on with their lives, as if it were business as usual? For instance, according to MTV, in one neighborhood of Beirut, a couple got married today whilst other citizens were observed socializing or selling fruits/vegetables, without any protective measures!

All this happened whilst the (four) deceased patients were buried without funerals, as per this article by l’Orient Le Jour: https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1211421/-chacun-a-pleure-seul-dans-son-coin-les-funerailles-au-temps-du-coronavirus.html

Of course, this is hard for the families’ grieving process (Bambi’s family went through a similar event during war when Beirut was besieged by the Syrian army).

Taken from L’Orient Le Jour

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