Why is Mr. Trudeau lecturing us about racism in the middle of a press conference meant to inform and reassure us?


In the interview above, precisely between 6:31-7:25 minutes, we hear Mr. Trudeau lecturing us about racism in the middle of a “tsunami” of a pandemic of a small, yet mean, virus already progressing in Canada.

Mr. Trudeau, your government finally moved and took good decisions and measures. A bit too late but at least it is done now. Thank you!

Why did you feel the need to add irrelevant comments? What you said is contrary to evolutionary survival. It was a turn off for Bambi.

What a contrast between your press conference and your provincial counterparts’. They talk about facts and curves, about preparedness and prevention. They reassure. They don’t guilt.

Why do you feel the need to always show us how much of a good boy you are? Just walk the walk of goodness. No need to talk about it. Sometimes silence is more precious.

As far as your people are concerned, they are MAINLY worried about the virus, that same stressor across the world, as you know. Related to it, they are concerned about their safety, their health, the availability or access to food and medication, their jobs, their money, their loved ones, patients, clients, students, pets, toilet papers even… before racism.

Please let Canadians care about their OWN survival and others’ well-being. Period.   

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