Lebanese COVID-19 humour

Yesterday, Bambi received this very short video from her cousin. She would like to share it with you.

Mind you, at first, she thought the guy was her cousin himself (OK just 30 years younger :). It is not him, she can assure you.

Second, the young man in the video is making fun of how people are becoming too germaphobe due to their fear of contracting COVID-19. He is saying in Arabic: “The situation is not that dramatic. People are becoming too germaphobe. It is a bit too much”. However, whilst saying these words, he is drinking Dettol 🙂 (we can hear the sound of ambulances in the background).

His joke may not be funny to you as much as it was to Bambi who laughed a lot.

Well, just like this guy, Lebanese people are used to laugh at their misery. Silly humour can be quite entertaining at all times, perhaps especially during a scary pandemic.

To be serious now, may this young man be safe as well as all his loved ones. May everyone around the world be safe, including us here in Canada and the Maritimes.

Disclaimer: This is a joke ONLY. The guy is most likely drinking apple juice or something. Please do not drink Detoll. It cannot protect you against COVID-19 and, trust me, it is not meant to be used in that way!

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